Music Valley - La haute vallée de l'Allier, Auvergne, France Auvergne - France:

The high valley of the Allier.
between Brioude and Langeac.

Musicians 2011

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Diese Seite auf Deutsch is the High valley of the river Allier, from Brioude to Langeac, in the department of Haute Loire, southern France.
The music season in the valley is a relaxed affair; the venues are mostly small, the performers good - often top quality, but the prices reasonable - some "give what you want", many less than 10 Euros, some a bit more. Only the full concerts in the basilica at Brioude are a bit higher (28 Euros in 2010). This is a fringe without a festival.....

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The musicians in Val d'Allier -  2012 (and previous years) :  A-Z guide to performers
► ► In 2011, the Haut Allier welcomes musicians from France, Europe and beyond.  While some are names well known in international music circles, and others are young up-and-coming professionals, perhaps the great names of tomorrow, others still are "just" amateurs, men and women with a passion for music. But whatever the status of the musicians, all the concerts in Haut Allier will be quality performances, evenings to enjoy and to remember.

Performers  2012

Braude, Benjamin:
Russian born Braude has performed with the Royal Flemish Philharmonic orchestra and the Antwerp chamber orchestra, and has performed all over Europe and North America with chamber music ensembles, including the Braude Quartet.
In concert in the Haut Allier: 18th, 20th and 22nd  July 2012

Braude, Nathan : 
Son of Benjamin Braude, joined the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra as first viola, in September 2010. He has played with leading orchestras in the Netherlands, including the Limburgs Symphonie Orkest and the Aviv Quartet, and has performed worldwide.  More details:
In concert in the Haut Allier: 18th, 20th and 22nd  July 2012

Chatelain, Nathalie.
Swiss harpist Nathalie Chatelain is a graduate of the Lausanne Conservatoire, and president of the Swiss Harp Association. She has performed as a soloist or in chamber orchestras at festivals in Europe and the Americas, including the San Francisco Harp Festival, the Rio Harp Festival, the Amadeus Festival, Geneva, as well as running masterclasses in Denver, Seattle, Belgrade, Toulouse and other places.   More détails
In concert in the Haut Allier: July 23rd 2011 at Lavoûte Chilhac

Orchestre d'Auvergne
One of the most renowned string orchestras in France, based in Clermont Ferrand.  Conductor, Arie van Beek, has been musical director of the Orchestre d'Auvergne since 1994
In concert in the Haut Allier Tuesday 7th August 2012 in St. Julien's basilica, Brioude.

Pillot, Laurent
Laurent Pillot has had an outstanding international career. He was Musical director of the Los Angeles Opera from 2003 to 2006, before moving to direct the Opera Studio at the Bavarian State Opera until 2009. Since then he has been musical director of the Lyon Villeurbanne symphony orchestra. He has also been guest conductor with a number of prestigious orchestras, including the Hallé, the New York city opera and the Orchestra National de l'Ile de France.
In concert in the Haut Allier Saturday 16th June 2012 - Abbaye de Pébrac, near Langeac.

Reboul, Jean Marie
After graduating from the Avignon conservatory, Jean Marie Reboul studied eutonics at the International school of Geneva. During his career, he has specialised in the creation of methods for relaxation through music, publishing both books and CDs. His reputation is international, his repertoire covers jazz and classical music, and he has played in a wide range of different environments, including at the wedding of Diana Ross, or as an opener for  Barbara Hendricks.
In concert in the Haut Allier: July 23rd 2011 at Lavoûte Chilhac.

Sagittarius ensemble, London .
An ad-hoc and eclectic ensemble of professional and talented amateur musicians from the UK. The 2010 ensemble included cellist Joseph Spooner and players and singers from diverse backgrounds including the Monteverdi Choir.
In concert in the Haut Allier:  Early August  2012: Tapon, Brioude, Langeac.

Tirabosco, Michel
Virtuose suisse. Passé maître de la flute de Pan, il est concertiste international depuis l'âge de 16 ans. A son palmarès il a plusieurs disques,  : en duo, trio, quatuor et avec grand orchestre. Son répertoire est très varié, et il est autant à l'aise avec des danses slaves et des mélodies tziganes qn'avec Bach ou Vivaldi.
In concert in the Haut Allier: at Lavoûte Chilhac
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Other performers from previous years: 2010
Abou, Clara

Discovered by Yehudi Menuhin when she was just 13, Clara Abou studied for five years at the Yehudi Menuhin School in London, under Natalia Boyarskaya. She has played with a number of leading orchestras, including the Yehudi Menuhin Orchestra, the London Mozart Players, the St. Petersburg Festival Orchestra, the Slovakian Philharmonic Orchestra .
More details
In concert in the Haut Allier: 2nd August at Mazerat and 3rd August 2010 at Lavoûte Chilhac.

Anemos, Quatuor
A Franco-Belgian ensemble of four distinguished trombonists Robin Rinchard, Josquin Chuffart, Thomas Rémondière and Jules Lefrançois. Founded in 2005. They have made two CDs.
More details
In concert in the Haut Allier: 31st July 2010 at Bournoncle St. Pierre.

Arias Luna, Gabriel
Cello soloist with the Limburgs Symphony Orchestra, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Astor, Pierre
Tenured organist of the historic Great Organ of the church of St Merry, Paris. Organist of St. Charles Cathedral, St Etienne. More details
In concert in the Haut Allier: 26th June 2010 at St. Ilpize.

Bailey, Elizabeth
British soprano Elizabeth Bailey is best known as an opera singer. She has sung in events around Britain and Europe, including  Glyndebourne, the Lausanne Opera and the Jours des Arts Festival at Glion, Switzerland.
More details
In concert in the Haut Allier: Brioude 22nd July 2010

Cuer, Roland
A highly talented amateur musician, Roland Cuer is better known on account of his more public function as presiding judge at the Courts in Saint Etienne.

Duo Lorelei
Soprano Lydie Szymaszek and pianist Julien Balmossière make up this young duo from Lyons. Their approach is original, their programmes articulated around themes that encourage the audience to discover unjustly neglected or forgotton works. Encouraged by Roger Germser, professor at the Lyon Conservatoire, Lorelei are currently exploring new musical horizons with works specifically written for voice and piano by Wagner, Berg, Debussy, Menotti, Schumann, Messiaen and others.
More details
In concert in the Haut Allier on  21st July 2010 in the chapel at Tapon

Erell quartet
A family based quartet of young professional musicians, including Olivier Rousset, co-soloist oboe with the orchestra of the Paris Opera, and Claire Rousset, professor of viola and chamber music at the Vincennes Conservatoire, Paris.   More details
In concert in the Haut Allier on Thursday 29th July 2010 at Pébrac Abbey.

Hoskins, Clare
Oboe and cor anglais soloist, Clare Hoskins has played with many groups and orchestras in the UK, including the Brighton Symphony Orchestra and the Dartford Symphony Orchestra.
In concert in the Haut Allier: 2010 -  4th August Tapon chapel, 6th August Brioude St. Julians Basilica, (7th August Josat).

Ivanovitch Ikuko.
Born in Tokyo, pianist Ikuko Ivanovitch is a former pupil of Masutaka Kanazawa. She performed as a soloist with the Osaka City Orchestra. She now lives in France and performs with her husband Pierre Ivanovitch
In concert in the Haut Allier on  Monday 12th July 2010 at Lavaudieu Abbey.

Laor, Ephraim
Israel-born pianist Ephraïm Laor is professor of piano at the Issy-les-Moulineaux conservatoire, Paris; from 1980 to 1990 he studied under Leon Fleischer while teaching at the Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore USA. He is one of the rare pianists to have had the privilege of being invited to play for Arthur Rubinstein at the Jerusalem Music Center.
In concert in the Haut Allier: Saturday 31st July 2010 at the Château de Paulhac

Moulin, Julie
Originating from the Auvergne, flautist Julie Moulin has played with prestigious orchestras including the Orchestre d'Auvergne, the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra and under a number of renowned conductors including Christophe Eschenbach and Lawrence Foster.  Particularly drawn to chamber music, she plays with the award-winning Quintette K, as well as in a duo with harpist Agnès Clément.  More details
In concert in the Haut Allier: Thursday 5th August, 2010 Langeac

Orchestre de Savoie / Savoy orchestra
Based in Chambéry, in the Savoy Alps, the Savoy orchestra is one of France's main regional orchestras. While they perform mainly in the Rhone Alpes region of France, they have undertaken international tours too, as far afield as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rabat.  More details
In concert in the Haut Allier on  Thursday 22nd July 2010 at the basilica in Brioude.

Spooner, Joseph
Joseph Spooner is recognised as one of the great 'cellists of modern British music, described in the Times as "a joy to listen to".  His work with various contemporary-music groups (notably Continuum and New Music Players) has included performances at major festivals and broadcasts on BBC Radio and Channel 4.
In concert in the Haut Allier:  4th August Tapon chapel, 6th August 2010 Brioude St. Julians Basilica, (7th August Josat).

Varèse String Quartet.
Four young musicians from the Lyon conservatoire. Performing regularly in concerts in Lyon and the surrounding area, the Varèse String quartet have been invited three times to play on the French classical music radio station France Musique
More details
In concert in the Haut Allier: 30th July 2010, Langeac

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